Due to being in close vicinity of New York City, Connecticut's western border was hit hard. This is that area.



Before the war, Danbury was a major crossroads in the area, due to I84 running through the town. Now, however, it is the equivalent of a warzone, with Raiders assaulting the city center twice every week. The city has a elite military force, the Danbury Shock Troops, who are commanded by Colonel Israel Ives. He is a competant commander who is a skilled infantryman. It is also home to an airport full of pilots, and planes modified for a fight.

Kingdom of SlavesEdit

It is believed that the attacks on Danbury originate from the Kingdom of Slaves, a rundown city once known as Waterbury, that was taken over by Raiders, who dabble in the Slave Trade. The Kingdom is ruled over by Giganto, an aptly-named Raider. The town is home to numerous Slaver and Raider groups, so anyone should stay away from here.

Brotherhood FortressEdit

A fortress built up from the former Roosevelt Dam, that is run by members of the East Coast Brotherhood of Steel. The top of the dam has 105mm howitzers built into the top of the structure. it is the last line of defense for the area's water supply against the Enclave. It is ruled over by Elder Kimberley Maxson, a descendant of the orders founder Jeremy Maxson.

Enclave HellfortEdit

The name given to a Enclave Base by local ghouls. It is commanded by Major-General Adam Brixley. It is home to the 151st Shock Infantry battalion. They have gained a horrid reputation amongst the other inhabitants of the area.


Stamford was hit hard due to it being close to New York and was

ruined. I95 one of the pre war interstates went through there but now it has collapsed on downtown Stamford.

Vault 200Edit

A Vault inhabited(?) by a equal number of Republicans, Democrats, and Independants, and a huge armoury.

Vault 202Edit

A Vault built on the outskirts of Danbury. It was inhabited by pilots, excellent drivers, and other people with skills in aeronautics, driving, and boating. It is home to a flight simulator.


Brotherhood of SteelEdit

The detachment stationed in the former New England commanwealth, believes that the United states can rise again, although they are not as hardline as the Enclave. They accept anyone who would help the rise of the USA, including ghouls, and reformed Super mutants.


The Enclave is the shadowy, militaristic organization, directly descended from the pre-War United States government and military industrial complex, that claims authority over the ravaged country. It is composed mostly of the descendants of government officials and military officers with ties to powerful corporations who retreated to a Poseidon Energy oil rig when the Great War started. They generally consider most people born outside the Enclave to be mutants fit only for eradication.


The ever present scourge of the wasteland is also here. They stick to usual raider and slaver tactics.

Talon CompanyEdit

After the death of their commander, Jabsco, in the Capitol wasteland, Talon Company revoked a contract with Littlehorn & Associates. They gained a new commander, Commander Almodovar, and they expanded across the wastes. They have a force in Connecticut, and are currently working for the Brotherhood of Steel, and Danbury.

Danbury Shock TroopsEdit

An elite, 500-strong force of men and women (and super mutants) from Danbury. They are commanded by Colonel Israel Ives. he is a competant commander who was trained by the Brotherhood of steel. As such, the Brotherhood mantains strong ties with the town.