Eyebots were originally designed by RobCo before the Great War to act as media transmitters. Several models exist, but generally, they consist of a spherical body roughly half a meter in diameter, capable of hovering a few feet above the ground through an unseen method of propulsion. Though not as sturdy as other robots, Eyebots are quite modular and can be outfitted with tools, small armaments, radio transmitters and other devices.

Traits Edit

  • +3 Defense (2 Size, 1 Metal Plating)
  • 50 lbs Automatic Carry weight
  • Automatic Equipment (See Below)

Equipment Edit

Enclave Model:

  • Built-In Laser Pistol with 3 Full Fusion Cells
  • Built-In Radio Chip and Frequency Transmitter

Civilian Model:

  • Built-In Stun Gun with 1 Full Battery Pack
  • Built-In Radio Chip