Don't let the name fool you, lesser perks are the bread-and-butter of a combat character. While regular perks allow players to perform the extra-ordinary, lesser perks are strictly focused on making your character grow numerically.

  1. A player can always opt to spend a Perk on a Lesser Perks, spend 1 Lesser Perk to gain (3 + INT) skill points or a second Lesser Perk.

Weapon Traits Edit

A player becomes better suited at fighting by specializing in weapon types. Each weapon has a number of different traits that define it such as grip and damage type. A large number of lesser perks focus around attack and damage bonuses for weapons that have a particular trait.

Each trait can apply to a weapon once, even if multiple traits in the lesser perk apply to the weapon.

Traits include: (1-Handed), (2-Handed), (Ranged), (Melee), (Brawling), (Hand-Thrown), (Rifle-Grip), (Pistol-Grip), (Heavy), (Firearm), (Energy), (Plasma), (Laser), (Explosive), (Shotgun), (Bladed), (Blunt), (Archery), (Pistol-Whip), (Thermal), (EMP), (Internal-Magazine), (Clip-Magazine), (Battery-Mag), (Complex-Magazine), (Automatic), (Semi-Automatic), (Bolt-Action), (Pump-Action), (Revolver-Action), (Leaver-Action), (Break-Action), (Junkyard), (Oddball)

Offense Edit

Basic Attack Bonuses Edit

Combat-Centric Edit

+1 Attack with All Weapons. Ranks: 1

Melee-Centric Edit

+1 Attack with (Melee) Weapons. Ranks: 1

Range-Centric Edit

+1 Attack with (Ranged) Weapons. Ranks: 1

Firm Grip Edit

+1 Attacks for (2-Handed) Weapons. Ranks: 2

Tactical Edit

+1 Attack for (One-Handed) Weapons. Ranks: 2

Weapon Style Attack Bonuses Edit

Rifleman Edit

+1 Attack with (Rifle Grip) Weapons. Ranks: 2

Gunslinger Edit

+1 Attack with (Pistol Grip) weapons. Ranks: 2

Heavy Gunner Edit

+2 Attack with (Heavy) Weapons. Ranks: 2

Grenadier Edit

+2 Attack with (Thrown) and (Launcher) weapons. Ranks: 2

Scientist Edit

+1 Attack with (Energy) Weapons Ranks: 2

Gun Nut Edit

+1 Attack with (Firearm) Weapons: Ranks 1

Archer Edit

+2 Attack using (Archery) weapons. Ranks: 2

Barbarian Edit

+1 Attack with (Two-Handed & Melee) weapons. Ranks: 2

Whack em’ Edit

+1 Attack with (One-Handed & Melee) Weapons. Ranks: 2

Professional Style Attack Bonuses Edit

Cowboy Edit

+2 Attack for (Revolver-Action), (Leaver-Action), (Pump-Action), (Break-Action), (Bolt-Action), (Brawling), and (Hand-Thrown) Weapons. Ranks: 1

Grunt Edit

+1 Attack with (Automatic & Firearm) and (1-Handed & Melee) and (Explosive) Weapons. Ranks: 1

Merc Edit

+1 Attack with (Semi-Automatic & Firearm), (Thrown & Explosive) and (Launched) Weapons. Ranks: 1

Party Like its 1399 Edit

+1 Attack with (Two-Handed & Melee), (Hand-Thrown & Melee), and (Archery) Weapons. Ranks: 1

Combat Style Attack Bonuses Edit

Semi-Auto Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack with (Semi-Automatic) Weapons. Ranks: 3

Automatic Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack with (Automatic) Weapons. Ranks: 3

Single Action Proficiency Edit

+2 Attack with (Revolver-Action), (Leaver-Action), (Pump-Action), (Break-Action), and (Bolt-Action) Weapons. Ranks: 2

Energy Weapon Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack with Energy Weapons. Can be taken twice.

Firearm Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack with Firearms. Can be taken twice.

Basher Edit

+2 Attack with Pistol Whips. Can be taken twice.

Ammo and Damage Type Attack Bonuses Edit

Pistol Cartridge Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack when using weapons that fire Pistol Cartridges. Can be taken once.

Rifle Cartridge Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack when using weapons that fire Rifled Cartridges. Can be taken once.

Shot Shell Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack when using weapons that fire Shot Shells. Similar Weapons that fire Multiple Projectiles also gain the bonus. Can be taken once.

Explosive Proficiency Edit

+2 Attack when using Explosives Weapons. Can be taken twice.

Plasma Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack when using weapons that fire Plasma. Can be taken twice.

Laser Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack when using weapons that fire Lasers. Can be taken twice.

Everything Else Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack when using weapons that fire any form of projectile That is Not: Pistol Cartridges, Rifle Cartridges, Plasma, Lasers, Explosives or Shot Shells. Can be taken twice

Blunt Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack with weapons that primary deal damage by Blunt Trauma. Can be taken twice.

Bladed Proficiency Edit

+1 Attack with weapons that deal damage through Slashing or Puncturing (bullets not included). Can be taken twice.

Pyromaniac Edit

+2 attack with weapons that damage via Heat (Lasers and Plasma not included). Can be taken once.

It's Got Your Name On It Edit

+1 Attack Bonus when using Specialty Ammo (such as hollow point, poisoned or armor piercing). Can be taken once.

Mechanic Edit

+2 Attack with weapons whose primary function is Not a Weapon (Such as a pipe wrench or nail-gun) Can be taken once.

Sniper Edit

+2 attack with Scoped, Single-Action, Rifle-Grip Weapons (Must be all of those at once). Can be taken once.

Lined up Edit

+1 Attack with weapons with Scopes or Enhanced Sights. Can be taken once.

Other Attack Bonuses Edit

Road Rage Edit

+3 Attack While Actively Driving a Vehicle or Against People in Vehicles. Can be taken once.

Good Enough Edit

Ignore Attack Penalties from Damaged Weapons. Can be taken once.

Duel Wield Edit

+2 Bonus when attacking with Two Weapons at Once (lowers penalty from -6 to -4). Can be taken twice.

Twins Edit

+2 attack when duel wielding with weapons that are of at least 2 Different Categories From Each Other (Ammo types, action types, sights, grip). If the weapons are melee, there need be only 1 difference. Can be taken once.

Sentimental Edit

+2 Attack when using Weapons You Have Created. Can be taken once.

Legendary Edit

+1 Attack and Damage with individual weapons that have a history

Personal Touch Edit

+1 Attack using Modded Weapons. Can be taken once.

Yoink! Edit

+3 Attack for 5 in-game minuets for weapons you Just Stole/Looted from enemies or NPCs. Can be taken once.

Better Half Edit

+2 Attack when a weapon has half or less ammunition. Can be taken once.

Sentry Edit

+2 Attack from Full Cover or when using a Mounted Weapon. Can be taken once.

Possibility Space Edit

+1 Attack when wielding a One-Handed Weapon in One Hand, but not actively using a weapon in the other. Can be taken three times.

Roguish Edit

+3 Attack on Sneak Attacks. Can be taken once.

Cleanser Edit

+2 Attack Against Mutated Animals, Insects, Abominations and Ghouls. Can be taken once.

Non-Attack Offensive Perks Edit

Steady Aim Edit

You can sacrifice an action to gain a +2 to hit on your next attack. Can be taken three times.

Sharpshooter Edit

All ranged weapons gain +2 Range.

Heave, Ho! Edit

Your throwing range is increased by 2. Can be taken twice.

Defense Edit

Life-Giver Edit

Your character is considered to have 1 Higher END for the purpose of gaining health when leveling up. You also retroactively gain heath that would have been generated by this perk. Can be taken five times.

Toughness Edit

Maybe you stood next to the reactor too much. Maybe a harsh life of slavery inured you to the little scuffs and scrapes of this God-forsaken world. Or maybe you're just a certified bad ass. You gain +1 DR vs Physical Damage. Can be taken three times.

Accelerated Healing Edit

+5 Bonus to restoring HP and losing RADs when resting

Fire-Walker Edit

You have mastered the arts of walking on coals and taking cookie pans out of the oven bare-handed. For each level of this perk, you have +2 DR against energy damage. Can be taken twice.

Glowing Edit

Each rank of this perk grants +15% RAD resistance. Can be taken three times.

Utility Edit

Action Boy Edit

+2 AP

Athlete Edit

+1 Speed. Can be taken twice.

El Bandolero Edit

As a serious ammo connoisseur, you handle each sweet individual round with skill and love. When reloading, you load 1 more round into magazines (allowing you to reload internal Magazines MUCH faster)

Infiltrator Edit

When the player rolls Security Skill Checks, they roll an additional time and choose the better of the die roll.

Lucky Edit

Things just randomly happen in your favor. +1 Misc bonus to every skill. You can take this perk once for each point of luck you have.

Strong Back Edit

Your Strength is considered 1 higher for wielding weapons and carrying equipment. Can be taken twice.

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