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The PnP Vault

The PnP Vault is a wiki dedicated to creating a pen and paper role-playing game based on the Fallout setting. Yes, you can edit too. So what are you doing staring at the main page? Go ahead and start writing. We currently have 133 articles.

Note: In this wiki, we're working (among other things) on version 3.0 of Jason Mical's Fallout PnP. The last complete version of the rules, Fallout PnP 2.0, can be downloaded here.

If you want to experiment with editing a wiki, please do it in the Wasteland, not in articles.

For general information about Fallout games, see Nukapedia.

Fallout PnP

Jason Mical's Fallout PnP 3.0
Acknowledgements and notes
Chapter I: Introduction
Chapter II: Character Creation Character Concept | Race | Traits | Statistics | Skills
Chapter III: Combat
Chapter IV: Life in the Wastes
Chapter V: Advancement
Chapter VI: The Fallout Universe Organizations | Places to Visit
Chapter VII: A Fallout Bestiary
Chapter VIII: Equipment
Chapter IX: Game Master's Guide For the Novice Gamemaster | Writing Post-Nuclear Adventures

Wageman's Fallout Tabletop
Rules Play Materials | Character Creation | Traits | Skills | Perks | Lesser Perks | Survival | Combat and Actions | Reputation and Karma
Gear Items | Chems and Consumables | Skill Books | Food and Water | Crafting
Armory Armor | Ammo | Weapons | Firearms | Lasers and Plasma | One Handed Melee | Two Handed Melee | Fist Weapons | Hand Thrown | Launchers
Bestiary Abominations | Animals | Ghouls | Insects | Robots | Super Mutants

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