"Every action has an equal and opposite reaction" -Isaac Newton

When you do a major deed in the fallout world it often carries a repercussion. 


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Reputation is a scale of 50 to -50, representing the disposition of a faction or individual towards you. For each point of positive disposition you have you gain a 1% trade bonus within the group and for every 5 points you gain +1 to Persuasion and Deception checks in regards to convincing the group about something (Inversely a negative disposition results in penalties to these checks). There are 3 types of factions you can gain reputation with:

  • Major Factions: Large powerful groups, such as enormous organizations, armies or major city authorities
  • Minor factions: Gangs, small towns or cities, small groups
  • Individuals: A single person or small party who is not affiliated with any other faction

While individual deeds can vary vastly in weight, here are examples of how to gain or loose trust within a group. As a small rule, it typically takes twice as much to impress a major faction as it does to impress a minor faction, and individuals are more impressed with friendly deeds (twice as much) then major and minor factions

  • Complete a quest that benefited the group +2 Rep
  • Completed a quest for the group +5 Rep
  • Saved the life of a member(s) +4 Rep
  • Aided the Faction in a battle against another faction +3
  • Represented the group favorably or did a tiny favor +1 Rep
  • Killed an Enemy of the faction +1 Rep
  • Insult a member -1 Rep
  • Spoke poorly or poorly represented the faction -2
  • Assault a faction member -10 Rep
  • Kill faction member(s) -20 Rep
  • Kill faction member(s), but convince the faction it was necessary -10 Rep
  • Cheat the faction -5 Rep
  • fail a task for the faction -5 Rep
  • lie within the faction -3 Rep
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