Level Experience Reputation Perk
1 0 XP Vault Dweller
2 1.000 XP Vault Scion X
3 3.000 XP Vault Veteran
4 6.000 XP Vault Elite X
5 10.000 XP Wanderer
6 15.000 XP Desert Wanderer X
7 21.000 XP Wanderer of the Wastes
8 28.000 XP Elite Wanderer X
9 36.000 XP Strider
10 45.000 XP Desert Strider X
11 55.000 XP Strider of the Wastes
12 66.000 XP Strider Elite X
13 78.000 XP Vault Hero
14 91.000 XP Wanderering Hero X
15 105.000 XP Striding Hero
16 120.000 XP Hero of the Desert X
17 136.000 XP Hero of the Wastes
18 153.000 XP Hero Of The Glowing Lands X
19 171.000 XP Paragon
20 190.000 XP Living Legend X
21 210.000 XP Last,Best Hope for Humanity
n (n*(n-1)/2) * 1.000 XP

In addition, a character gets 3 + (1/2 EN, rounded down) to their maximum HP total and 5 + (2 X IN) skill points to distribute among their skills. Note that skills do not always increase at the same rate. The cost in points to raise a particular skill by one percentage point is listed on the table below. NOTE: Tagged skills grow at two points not one point. Tagged skills represent a character's innate talents and grow accordingly.

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