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The Sean Wageman's Fallout PnP is an open-ended system to role-play a tabletop game within the fallout universe. While this has been done before, the other systems used for a board game are an incredibly convoluted percentile system that require extensive calculation to perform simple actions. The project you see now, still in testing, is to provide a simplified and much more user friendly experience for the player. Rather than use percentages multiplied for every attack or option, this system uses the more traditional method of a twenty-sided roll. This provides for a simplified, facilitated play style that flows quickly providing a swift, fun experience for the player.  All of the material on this site is user created and based only on either the official fallout series or the creator’s own imagination. While the game is not complete, it is quite playable and all are welcome to give the game a try.

While these rules are on an open source wiki that anyone can edit, I would appreciate it if people would refrain from directly editing content, as this is a personal project that is both frequently referenced by others and a college project. Please don't be a jerk :)

I am, however, always open for input and additional content. If you have a comment, complaint, idea or question, feel free to contact me via email at


All content on the site was made up by myself, but largely based on the gameplay and setting of the fallout franchise and general tabletop RPG rules. I make no claim to owning or even having permission to create such a game, as the right to the fallout franchise are owned by Interplay and Bethesda Softworks and Its parrent company, Zenimax studios. This is simply a fan-made game meant for others to enjoy, not for any marketable purposes.

Fallout is Copyright © 1997 Interplay Entertainment Corp. Fallout is a registered trademark of Interplay Entertainment Corp. All Rights Reserved.

Fallout reference material is used here without the express permission of Interplay Entertainment Corp. No challenge to Interplay's copyright and trademark are intended. These pages are for private, non-profit use and are not intended to be developed into any form of electronic entertainment. This material may be reproduced and distributed as long as it is for non-profit purposes and does not violate and clearly indicates the copyright and trademark ownership of Interplay Entertainment Corp. 

Wageman's Fallout PnP
Rules Character Creation | Skills | Perks | Lesser Perks | Traits
Armory Armor | Repair | Firearms | Energy Weapons | Melee | Launchers | Hand Thrown
Gear Items | Chems and Consumables | Food and Water | Skill Books | Crafting
Bestiary Abominations | Animals | Ghouls | Insects | Robots | Super Mutants
Reference Glossary | Play Materials | Combat and Actions | Survival | Reputation and Karma

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