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Ammunition is used in a variety of firearms, melee weapons, and even a few unarmed weapons (like the Power Fist). They run the gamut from the humble rivet to the mighty Micro-Fusion Cell (MFC).


Characters in Fallout can't fire bullets forever. When they run out, it's time to reload. The cost for reloading varies by the type of the reloading being done. Clearing means to release/remove the item. The magazines/shells/etc. drop to the ground after being cleared unless the character wants to catch it in his or her other hand (assuming it is not holding something else) as a free action. Loading means that the character places an item full of ammo into the receiver. It takes the same amount of time to pack two individual rounds into a gun that uses no magazine (such as a pump shotgun or revolver) as it does to load a magazine. Clearing or Loading a weapon (but not both) can be done as a movement or action phase.


These are the rounds used by launcers or rifle mods to launch a devistating explosive across the battlefield

25mm grenade - 15 CapsEdit
  • Damage: 1d4+1 x 5 Concusive
  • Splash Radius: 1 Hex, 50% 2 Hex
40mm grenade - 35 CapsEdit
  • Damage: 1d6+3 x 5
  • Splash Radius: 2 Hex, 50% 4 Hex
Rocket - 45 CapsEdit
  • Damage: 1d4+2 x 5 Concusive
  • Splash Radius: 2 Hex, 50% 4 Hex
Missile - 75 CapsEdit
  • Damage: 1d10+5 x 5 Concusive
  • Splash Radius: 3 Hex, 50% 6 Hex
Mini-Nuke - 300 CapsEdit
  • Damage: 1d10+10 x5 Concusive & RADs
  • Splash Radius: 4 Hex, 50% 8 Hex


Unique amunitions that do not fall under other catigories

Arrow - 4 CapsEdit
Crossbow Bolt - 3 CapsEdit
Napalm, Qt. (4 uses) - 30 CapsEdit
  • Damage: 1d10 +2, Heat (Fire)
Flare - 5 CapsEdit
  • Damage: 1d10 +2, Heat (Fire)
Railway Spike - 3 CapsEdit
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