I'm reliatively new to this site and Fallout games in general- ive only played and completed with FO3 and New Vegas- and I'm also fresh into the world of tabletop/pen-and-paper RPGs, but iv'e looked over the articles of this game and I must say, I like what I see. for the most part. the rules look good, fun and exciting and i'm very eager to put them into practice, but i noticed some parts of the wiki were unfinished, and other parts still i don't entirely agree with. anyway, enough jabber. here's some things i'd like to bring up that i hope you change or finish:

FOODS: several food items do not have a calorie count. i'm not sure if the editors are aware but the need to finish them.

ARMOR: there were a few pieces that did not include full statistics, like T-45d power armor, and T-51b hardened armor. armor that needs revising (in my opinion) are

Metal Armor- gives less AC than leather armor? no way.

Leather Jacket, Combat- more AC than leather armor? and it's cheaper?

Leather Armor, Reinforced- i personally belive it should provide atleast alittle more AC than regular leather armor.

Recon Armor- agian comparing to leather armor, i think it should provide more AC than that....

that's all i have time to adress for now. i hope i'm not being a nuissance and that this blog will be helpfull in the developement of Fallout PnP.