FoT hummer

Vehicles are a major assest to have in the Fallout Universe and they can very from a army hum-v to a verta bird. The fallout universe has a diverse number of ground, sea, and air Vehicles.

GROUND Vehicles:

Army Hum-V: a standard military issue Vheicle favord for its heavy armor and interchangable turret mont many survived the fallout in hindin military caches the damage of the turret is what ever the gunner is using while in the gunner seat

Army A-1 Abrams Tanks: the most commonly used tank by the US Military it is very powerful and is heavly armored but has a very slow speed and is very loud most survived the fallout in hindin military caches the tank is capable of blowing through buildings and does a base damage of 100 with stanard ammon

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