This is an overview of Wichita for the Kansas Free State Campaign Supplement.

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Stuck between NCR encroachment from the west and KFS' pushiness in the east, Wichita has attempted to stay neutral. Mayor Scheider and Sheriff Holmes take the town's independence very seriously and as such they try and deal with the bigger powers as little as possible.

Residents of Wichita are a healthy combination of humans and ghouls and generally tolerant of one another. As some of the older ghouls might explain, it was they that actually founded the town. Many of them worked in the oil fields previous to the war and made an early effort in restarting the derricks. Open minded humans were eventually allowed to live in Wichita and after a few years with a primitive oil economy, the settlement grew into its current form.

Sheriff Holmes keeps a number of deputies on retainer and his police force, though small, is outfitted with a number of heavily modified weapons. Due to the ghouls natural proclivity for all things mechanical, just about every machine in town has been tinkered with, improved upon, or built into something different entirely. Their defense forces may not be huge, but they've proven their technological superiority over the raiders too many times to count. They'll see an isolated incursion here or there, but most ne'er-do-wells give Wichita a wide berth.



Wichita is surrounded by a large metal fence constructed primarily from old car chassis. The main gate's door is really a working delivery van that's been heavily armored on one side, the side facing into the wasteland. Visitors generally have to contend with the megaphone wielding spotters Holmes stations on top of the van. It's up to them to signal the driver-on-duty to "open" the gate or not.

Beyond that is the Downtown. Ruins of a gas station are still standing, a junkyard is nearby, but many of the buildings were built in the last fifty years out of scrap and scavenged materials.

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An old convenience store with an added second floor, The Courthouse is where Mayor Scheider runs the town when he isn't mingling with the population. Scheider lives in a set of rooms in the second floor and maintains a supply room and small armory in the basement of the building. A makeshift jail constructed around the old service counter is on the first floor, along with a set of scavenged desks where Holmes and his deputies conduct their more mundane activities.

Dean's ElectronicsEdit

Housed in a corrugated shack, Dean's is the local electronics workshop run by an irritable old ghoul. The ghoul, named Dean, is quite outspoken on his breadth of knowledge. He's claimed to author numerous books on the subject. Most residents of Wichita appreciate all the work he's done for the town but are sick of hearing that story again.

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